Floral Decor Plant Purchase

Floral Decor are experts in the interior plantscape industry. Our long-term relationship directly with our suppliers in the Netherlands ensure that the highest quality plants are chosen at all times. To select your choice of plant please from our list in the plant category or contact the office directly for a FREE Consultation. Following on the purchase of your chosen plants the care and maintenance of these plants is then up to you.

Choose from our vast selection of Live Plants or Artificial Plants.

Live Plants

Floral Decor’s range of live plants are chosen by our trained horticulturalists to ensure that they are suitable for indoor conditions.

A correctly chosen live plant, with beautiful foliage and decorative stems coordinated with a stylish contemporary or traditional container can convert a dreary or cold atmosphere into an inviting area that makes a statement in relation to the interior.

Floral Decor will ensure that there is consultation to make certain that there is always a plant of the correct size and shape to suit your requirements.

Artifical Plants

Visit our showroom to see for yourself the quality of our artificial plants. You really to have to double check to see if they are real! The high quality of our choice artificial plants and the innovative technology involved are such that most people cannot tell it apart from live planting. These plants offer a lifelike, lower maintenance substitute for the real thing and are particularly useful where access, light levels or weight restrictions can be problematic.

Florists in Douglas Cork

For example:

  • A range of artificial plants for all spaces
  • Full sized trees could be suitable for offices, hotel corridors or reception areas, shopping centres and leisure centres and spa resorts.
  • Perfect for areas which are not suitable for live plants due to a lack of natural light.

  • Similar to displays for live planting can be created through artificial arrangements.

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