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Take note the next time you enter a contemporary and inviting interior of an office, reception, home or shopping centre, see how the plants impress upon you. A well designed interior plantscape that is professionally maintained will enhance the atmosphere of any space.

Services We Offer

At Floral Decor we offer a service of the highest quality. Upon consultation, we will create the display best suited to your individual requirements and prior to installation, for best visualize the interiors, we use computer generated visual imagery. Above all we will bring versatility and creativity to our plant displays.


Our most popular service gives you more flexibility to choose the plants you want with the peace of mind of having them cared for by Floral Decor.
Included within the rental is a comprehensive maintenance service which guarantees the replacement of all plants which may fail for horticultural reasons.
We can supply a huge range of plants from carefully selected growers. The care and maintenance of these plants is then up to you.
Floral Decor will carry out a full installation service by experienced staff. We will ensure that your plants are planted correctly and located in the most suitable positions for optimum plant growth. As we supply the finest plant specimens imported weekly from Holland you can be sure that every plant is delivered fresh and in the best of health.
If you already own your own plants or have purchased them from Floral Decor we can provide a maintenance only service. As the most important aspect of interior landscaping is to ensure that your plants always look fresh and healthy, a quality maintenance service is of the utmost importance. Since we employ experienced staff, you can be sure that Floral Decor will provide you with plants that always look great.
Every client’s interior landscaping requirements are different and therefore all our designs and solutions are unique. Every design is tailor-made to suit the client and the environment to which the plants are going to be placed. Whether it’s a small bowl display or a 5 metre high tree, fresh or artificial Floral Decor caters for all designs, budgets, tastes and environment.
Floral Decor’s design process usually involves a site visit by one of our representatives. This is to ensure that Floral Decor can provide optimum advice and suggestions and tailor-made a design solution to best cater for the intended space. Floral Decor advises and suggests the plants and planters most suited to enhance the intended area or space.
We source our plants from the best growers in Europe. On arrival to our purpose built greenhouse the plants are acclimatised, they are then planted into your planter of choice.
Our professional installation team will deliver to your premises at a pre-arranged time to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.All of our plant displays are selected especially for your chosen interior design, our eye catching mix of specimen plants sourced from our supplier in the Netherlands, and our planters and containers available in a variety of materials, finishes and colours.

When our uniformed maintenance technicians arrive at your premises with their distinctive, liveried vehicles, you can be sure your plants are in safe hands.

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Live plants

Our live plant range is specially selected to suit indoor conditions.
From a tabletop bowl to a six-metre high tree, we will find you an ideal plant – and look after it for you!
Our live plants, with their spectacular sculptured forms and unusual foliage, can transform an interior, particularly when teamed with a cutting-edge container. Every scheme is tailor-made to suit the situation and the tastes of the individual. We import our live plants from specialist growers in Holland via our International office. Our unique trade links ensure top quality and choice as well as the latest innovations. We will even take clients or architects to the ‘plant capital of the world’ to hand pick specimens if they have particular requirements.

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Although our plants ‘grow up’ in Holland, many originate from exotic locations like Florida, Malaysia and the Caribbean.
They are imported and then acclimatised in Europe, so they can adapt to our climate.
This highly specialised industry ensures that there is always a plant of the correct size and shape to suit your requirements.

Professional delivery…

We advise you on choice and then have the plants specially delivered to our premises in temperature-controlled vehicles.

The highest standards of quality control ensure the plants arrive in pristine condition.


Once on our premises, our trained staff will transfer your plant into your chosen container, having first installed our own, purpose-built, watering system. The final touch is a sprinkling of decorative top dressing.

The plants are then delivered in our smart liveried vehicles.

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Artificial Plants

Is It Real? Our replica range is so realistic that most people cannot tell it apart from live planting. Replica plants offer a lifelike, lower maintenance substitute for the real thing and are particularly useful where access, light levels or weight restrictions pose problems.


  • We have replica plants to suit all spaces
  • Our full-size trees are ideal for shopping centres, leisure clubs and large office spaces
  • Our foliage plants are especially effective in subdued lighting of restaurants & hotel foyers
  • Tabletops, baskets and troughs can be made up to suit any type of display. Ideal for reception areas and locations with limited space.

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